Grants and Scholarships

The Endowment Fund Committee has broad authority to approve grants in support of FBCA’s mission as a church.    The by-laws identify the categories below, and gifts may be restricted by the donor to support grants in a specific category.  The Committee can also create additional restricted gift categories if needed to accommodate donor wishes.


to provide support for church-endorsed mission projects


to provide scholarships to those pursuing continued education (including religious education for a career in the ministry)


to provide funds for the maintenance, improvements or expansion of the church building and grounds, including but limited to, acquisition of additional land and construction of additional buildings


for all other church-endorsed projects not covered by the categories listed above

Examples of recent grants

  • $2,000 to partner with other Ashland-area churches to improve coordination between churches helping individuals who request assistance
  • $1,200 in startup funds for the Missions Committee to create an International Cultural and Language Exchange ministry for FBCA, providing ESL classes for the local Hispanic community
  • $2,500 (in partnership with First Baptist Richmond) to support Arrabon in creating a racial reconciliation training program based on Matthew 25
  • $1,675 for audio equipment required to support the church’s outdoor worship services during the COVID pandemic and beyond